Monday, June 1, 2009

Finally in Japan

We landed in Korea at about 5:20AM and spent 5 hours toodling around.

I spent my time wandering around and fixing my laptop which blew up on
me randomly before leaving Salt Lake. I also called Julie a few times
on Skype. Incheon had free wifi which is always nice.

And now we are in Osaka waiting in the international lobby for
everyone else to arrive. I'm pretty tired but I need to stay up until
about 9PM so I can adjust my body to Japan's time zone.

On the flight from LAX to Korea they fed us steak for dinner and an
omelet for breakfast. The steak was awesome. In fact the food was
really good all around.

From Korea to Japan we got a scary looking bento box that was
actually quite good. The only thing I didn't eat was the sauce in the
fish-shaped tube and the tofu.

It's 12:30 right now and the rest if the gang should be here sometime
between now and 4:30. So far about half of the students have arrived.

Here are a few pictures. Enjoy.


  1. *scanning for engrish*

    Ah, XKCD and "looking for japanese girlfriend" t-shirts.

    Glad you got there alright, impress anybody with your l33t japanese skills yet?

  2. Good luck out there Terry... or is it Charisma-Man by now.

  3. Glad to hear you have arrived safely! Good luck! Have fun! I'll try to come up with something original to say for these things from now on. :)

  4. Glad you made it safe. :)

    I'm having "omelets" too -- every day! Ridiculous. Will it end? Mazui. Kowai. Seriously.

    My mom brought me "SUPER CHERRY NIBS" from Canada. hehe. ;)


  5. " laptop which blew up on me..." OMG terrist!

    Hopefully they've fixed the international terminal at LAX since I went through there. It was two security checkpoints for a terminal that was not just busy, but busy with jumbo and superjumbo planes. (Of course it's been... almost seven years(!), so I'm sure they have fixed it.)

    Is the stuff in the fish tube Kikkoman?

    Glad to see you made it alright.