Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Day of Class

We had our first day of class.

I got put in the 3rd year group... WTF?

I am honestly not sure how that happened... hehe

It seems too hard, but I will give it one more day and see if I might be able to make it work...

We have several different teachers this week... I believe they were provided by the YMCA or something like that (WTF?) because of the off-site H1N1 arrangement.

So they split us up into groups today and I got stuck in the hard one with 3 other people. The student to teacher ratio is awesome, but we will see if I can keep it up.

My teacher was sick (how stupid is that? let's infect the gaijin so we can have a freak out fest once somebody in our group starts showing symptoms of being sick).

Yesterday we said hi to this old man and he ran across the road and asked us where we were from. We told him Utah and he asked if we were from Salt Lake City excitedly. When we said yes he pulled out a picture in an abnormally fast fashion that was already to be shown in a plastic lanyard of some random Americans and said 'That is my garden!' haha.

A lady had her kids tell me Konnichi wa yesterday. It was cute.

Today some little kids said 'konnichi wa' and 'nice to meet you' and 'goodbye'.

So far so good... let's hope it keeps up.

- Terry


  1. Hope the 3rd year thing works out! That's pretty cool.

    That's interesting there is a YMCA there...

  2. Congrats on the high placement.

  3. You've gotta get a photo of yourself wearaing a particle mask. PLEASE????

  4. I second the call for particle mask pictures.

  5. So fuzz, much like cream, rises to the top huh. Way to go fuzzy. Keep on doing the hard stuff so that you stay focused.
    What a crazy adventure... sounds a little unorganized out there.

  6. ようこそ日本へ!

    Yo! Terry! Glad you made it there and had a great flight! Congrats (I think) on making the 3rd year level (if you so stay there and do well, will they also credit you for the 2nd year level as well?)! I saw your email to Zade... sheesh! If a Japanese visitor came to the US and the locals started yelling epithets (equiv. to "Gaijin!"), the locals (here) would have been thrown in jail. Oh well! Good Ruck! :-)